Made In Japan Persistency

In order to bring engineers’s concepts to life in the realm of precision and refinement within the field of weighing and measurement, it is imperative to possess the skill of a “Takumi: Master, super specialist.” SHINKO DENSHI is committed to harnessing the utmost in technological capabilities to deliver top-quality products and services. To achieve this, they have established an integrated production facility within Japan.

The “VIBRA” brand name was created by combining the words “Libra” and Vibration”, and it was our original concept. This name has been officially trademarked not only in Japan but also in various other countries. We merged “Libra”, signifying balance and weight in Lation, with “Vibration”, which represents the innovative technique we developed. Our goal is to make a global contribution to the industrial community, allowing the “Vibra” brand to resonate like the waves of a tuning fork, spreading its value worldwide.